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Cyber extortion & ransomware response services

With thousands of ransomware attacks occurring on a daily basis, ransomware is a threat facing all organisations across all industries. Beazley’s dedicated in-house team, Beazley Breach Response (BBR) Services, provides timely ransomware assistance to BBR policyholders based on our repeated and extensive experience handling ransomware incidents.

If your organisation is experiencing a ransomware attack, BBR Services assists by:

  • Promptly consulting with your team to determine an appropriate response;
  • Recommending and facilitating a fast connection with computer forensic services to determine if personally identifiable information or protected health information was compromised; and/or
  • Facilitating introductions to service providers who can help you with data decryption, 
data restoration, or securing bitcoin if your organisation decides to pay the ransom.

BBR Services has developed a ransomware tip sheet for BBR policyholders that explains the ransomware threat and the immediate steps companies facing this threat should take. This tip sheet can help your organisation minimize the impact of a ransomware attack and speed up the recovery time following an attack.

You can email to request a copy.