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To notify a breach, click here:

Beazley Breach Response Services Team

Beazley is committed to providing industry leading data breach response services for our clients. This is why we created the BBR Services team; a dedicated business unit within Beazley, focused exclusively on helping insureds successfully prepare for and respond to breaches. The BBR Services team works in collaboration with you to triage and assess the severity of a data breach incident, while coordinating the range of resources and services you may need to meet legal requirements and maintain customer confidence. BBR Services is your frontline partner in data breach investigation and response, and available to your organisation regardless of the size, severity, or cost of a data breach.

When to notify us?

You should notify Beazley as soon as you suspect that personally identifiable or confidential data for which you are responsible might have been compromised. The sooner you notify us about a potential data breach, the more our BBR Services team can do to help.

It is also important that you contact us first before retaining any service providers as the BBR Services team will take you through the process and work with you to secure services from providers that best match your needs.

How to notify us?

Fill out the breach notification form or send an email to one of our email addresses listed here with the following in your notification email:

  • the name of your organisation and insurance policy number if possible;
  • a short description of the incident;
  • the date the incident occurred (if known);
  • the date your organisation discovered the incident; and
  • contact information for the point person handling the investigation.

Do not:

  • email Beazley staff directly to provide the initial notice; or
  • include any personally identifiable information or protected health information.

Email is strongly recommended as the best method of notification; you may alternatively provide notice of an incident by calling Beazley’s 24-hour hotline, +44 (0)20 3514 2434 and provide the information described above.

What happens after notifying us?

A BBR Services team member will respond to the notice generally on the same or next business day and will schedule a phone call to discuss the incident, assist you with any needed breach investigation and response services available under your BBR policy. We recommend that those within your organisation who are involved in investigating the incident participate on this phone call.

The BBR Services team will continue to collaborate with you throughout the investigation and response process, to provide guidance and to arrange breach investigation and response services provided by Beazley’s network of expert service providers.