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Process overview

Beazley's cyber business interruption (BI) and data recovery loss adjustment process is a bespoke one because every incident is different. For a typical timeline to help guide you through the various stages in the process, click learn more.

Policy wording

Learn more about the main insuring agreements covering losses relating to business interruption, cyber extortion loss or data recovery.

Claims examples

We often get asked how we calculate/assess BI losses. This section is intended to dig into the detail of some of our claims so as to demonstrate examples of how we will look to adjust claims in certain circumstances.

Common misconceptions

We regularly have the same issues and questions raised by our insureds. This section picks up on some of the most common misconceptions we are dealing with day to day.

The information contained on these web pages (including, but not limited to, examples of claims, loss scenarios and guidance) are offered only for discussion and illustration purposes. The information contained herein is not to be relied on in any particular situation when pursuing coverage. Coverage depends on applicable law and the actual facts of each incident, claim or loss, and the terms, conditions and exclusions of each individual policy. Please refer to theapplicable policy for a description of the scope and limitations of coverage contained in that policy. Policy language may vary and certain terms may not be available in all jurisdictions.