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Process overview

Beazley Cyber Business Interruption Guide

Beazley's cyber business interruption and data recovery loss adjustment process is a bespoke one because every incident is different. Below is a typical timeline to help guide you through the various stages in the process.

Provide notice of your cyber incident in accordance with the notice provisions in your policy

After providing notice of an incident, you will be contacted by our BBR Services team who will guide you through the incident response process. For more details about BBR Services please visit our Cyber services website. An experienced claims manager will also be assigned to your incident. We always encourage you to coordinate with your broker if you have questions about how to properly provide notice of a cyber incident to Beazley under the policy.

A Beazley claims representative will get in touch to initiate and provide guidance in respect of your incident, including the provision of a Proof of Loss form

You will be contacted by a Beazley claims representative to facilitate the processing of your incident, which may include Business Interruption Loss, Dependent Business Loss, Data Recovery Costs (for more information on the coverage available, please see our policy explanation page). The Beazley team, including representatives acting on behalf of Beazley, will be available to talk through coverage, required documentation and submission of a Proof of Loss (“POL”). The POL will be the key document in supporting your claim for coverage. 

Involvement of vendors - forensic accountants and computer experts

To assist us in evaluating your loss, Beazley may engage forensic accountants, technology experts and other experts. We encourage the involvement of our forensic accountant as early as possible, in order to advise on the adjustment process and any early measures you should be taking to document your losses to ensure that you benefit as much as possible from any available coverage. For example, it is important for you to track all costs directly associated with the incident. These costs should not be captured within the normal operating accounts of your company. A new general ledger loss account should be established to track these costs. The policy may include a sub-limit of coverage for you to retain your own forensic accountant. We strongly encourage you to make use of this benefit under the policy.

Completion of Proof of Loss

The early involvement of a forensic accountant will also assist in completing your POL as accurately as possible. Thorough completion of a POL is likely to speed up the adjustment process and result in fewer requests for information from Beazley and its experts. Forensic accountants will assist in identifying what supporting documentation might be required to support your POL. We encourage submission of a POL as early as possible to facilitate the timely adjustment of your claim. The deadline for submission of your POL is set out in your policy.  If you have any questions about the POL process, please do not hesitate to set up a call with your claims representative.

Document requests from Beazley

After submitting a POL, the Beazley team (usually through its appointed forensic accountant) will let you know if they need anything else in order to adjust your claim. Depending on the complexity of your claim, there may be additional information requested, but we will always seek to run the process as efficiently as possible. We encourage you to work with your claims representative to come up with a plan to share supporting information in the most efficient way. 

Each business is different and every incident is unique. We may require monthly profit & loss statements, federal tax returns/audited financial statements, periodic payroll ledgers and sales information. We may also require explanations from your employees, contractors and vendors, expert reports, system logs and documents evidencing ownership of the Computer Systems or Data (if applicable). You should also submit reports, contracts and invoices to help determine the value of any Business Interruption Loss, Dependent Business Loss or Data Recovery Costs. We recommend setting up calls with your claims representative and experts to provide further explanation of the documents required.

Beazley provides coverage determination

Beazley will seek to provide a coverage determination of the POL and additional submissions as early as possible. This may be provided in stages where appropriate. Beazley will look to make payment of covered amounts as quickly as possible. This may include interim payments through the process.

The information contained on these web pages (including, but not limited to, examples of claims, loss scenarios and guidance) are offered only for discussion and illustration purposes. The information contained herein is not to be relied on in any particular situation when pursuing coverage. Coverage depends on applicable law and the actual facts of each incident, claim or loss, and the terms, conditions and exclusions of each individual policy. Please refer to theapplicable policy for a description of the scope and limitations of coverage contained in that policy. Policy language may vary and certain terms may not be available in all jurisdictions.